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I have a multitude, and I tailor each session to each sub for an individual experience, based on needs, desires, experience, and limits.  

This list is not exhaustive. if you have a unique fetish/scenario and don't see here, ask.  Ask with manners. I know, I can't believe I have to say it, either. we are.

Role Play - Let's get lost in a fantasy world of My making. you set the theme and limits, I will keep you in proper character.


Humiliation/Degradation - you are the entertainment, and I love to get personal, or I can just call you a loser and make fun of your pathetic and tiny little penis. Nothing personal...


Bondage - chains, ropes, rubber, heavy metal. I enjoy predicament bondage, sensory play/deprivation, suspension. I like to watch you squirm, helplessly. I like to watch you melt, as you realize you're Mine, that you're in a safe place to finally let go of that heavy load you've been carrying. If I say you can relax, of course.  If it pleases Me.


CBT/CBB - Are you a heavy ball buster? Just rather get knocked around and relive your awkward jr high experience? Either way, I love to punish cocks and to lock up your little weiners, I love to bind them, prick them, poke them, hurt them. Present those balls to me, and I will show you what they can take.


Corporal Punishment - Classic OTK, firm disciplinarian, weird religious school role play, I'm in. Bare hand, wooden spoon, paddles, straps, canes, floggers, whips, bring it!!! naughty boys getting spanked may be my earliest kink.

Torture, all sorts - plead in earnest, I'll still tickle you until you pee your little sissy panties. Or maybe your diaper?  Electrical stimulation, including tens units, cattle prods, and everything in between is at My disposal, just as you will be, My precious little pet.. your nipples, shan't be ignored, so you will have to tell Me if they're sensitive, because I plan to make sure you remember your experience - for your own good, you will want to savor and cherish the memory of you submitting to Me, before My Throne. Heavy masochists, CALL ME?

Medical Play - Infusions, catheters, exams, diagnoses, potions, and cures. The Doctor is IN. All the way in. Whatever it takes to make you better. Show Me where it hurts. Or where you need me to fix you, Be My Frankenstein. Dr. West will get to the bottom of all of your issues, inside and out. I'm currently heeding the President's advice, so prepare to be thoroughly disinfected and Lit Up.


My Fetishes include, but are not limited to:

SOT, Forced Feminization, Smoking, Pantyhose, Leather, latex, spitting, face slapping, showers, foot worship, regression play, human-puppy/pet play, and really anything new that captures My fancy. throats, scars, generally being invasive, edge play, stretching, etc, etc. 


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