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Spoil Me

Gifts are My favorite. I'm a virgo, and I like nice things. However, nice things needn't ALWAYS break the bank. Here are some ideas and links for you to make your SouthWest Queen's life more enjoyable and pleasant. 

In-person sessions:


FEED ME. I'm always hungry, and sometimes I like food. I like healthy food. Subway is NOT healthy.  Whole Grains, Fresh Fruit Smoothies, Greens. Iceberg lettuce is NOT a 'green'.  Kale, green leaf lettuce, and spinach are greens. I live in Phoenix. There are street tacos everywhere. Street tacos are always welcomed at the studio! 

Wines, coffees, teas, and spirits are appreciated.

General ways to appreciate Me from afar:

Gift Cards are practical and thoughtful.  

Links to wishlists are coming shortly.  I wear a size 8 (38 euro) shoe/boot.  I am a size 2 dress/trouser. Specific measurements for custom pieces are also coming shortly.  Contact Me.  I'm happy to help you spend your hard-earned money on frivolous luxuries for Myself.

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